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I know it can be kind of scary to order something on-line, something that you cannot actually hold with your own hands....with that in mind I decided to start adding notes that I received from my clients with the hope of bringing you piece of mind when ordering my artwork...I truly believe you will not be disappointed...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my work with you...from my heart and hands to yours...


 Hi Diane,

Love, love, love my new game board!  
The colors are spectacular, even
bringing out the mustard in the 
oriental rug.  The living room 
seems so much
brighter with it hanging in there.  
Why didn't I think about doing this

Thank you again a million times 
for doing such beautiful work.  Have 
a happy Easter.




Hi Diane - 
The gameboards are here, Emma's piece is on the wall next to the Rainbow piece, it looks so beautiful there, I really love the colors you used, thank you.
Now about Wagon Wheel, it was beautiful on your site, but my goodness it is more wonderful in person, I am looking for the perfect front and center spot in my home to put it.  You just seem to out do yourself the more you make.
Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, there are so many things to be thankful for, must always remember to count my  blessings each and everyday.
Happy Hoildays to you and yours.
Take care, Carol




Dear Diane,

I just received my game boards and there are no adequate words that exist to describe how much I love them!  The colors are perfect and the quality of your artistry is astounding.  I truly feel blessed to own not just one, but three!  I cannot wait to hang them up and show my mom.  I know they will receive lots of compliments from friends and family that visit us for Christmas.  Thank you so much.  I hope you have a very special Thanksgiving.  Susan 


Hi Diane,

I received my board right on time but I just opened it today!  It is just beautiful...the colors are so rich and the craftsmanship is unbelievable!

I now have an buy another one...

Your sense of detail is quite unique...your business card and the thank you with the carnival raffle ticket!  I await new pieces...Going to put you on my Christmas Wish List...

Thank you



Hi Diane,

 The board is here and is on the wall, it is truly a beauty.  I just love it, thank you so much.  It not only goes well with the paint, but the vanity and the framed mirror are a perfect match, with the background of the board, how wonderful it looks in there.  Your boards are truly works of art and look so lovely in my home.

I have finished the second bathroom and will be contacting you again soon for another board.



 Hi Diane! I'm not sure if this is the best way to contact you, but I wanted you to know that I received "Caravan" today. Words fail me....I absolutely love it. It just may be my favorite. The craftsmanship is unbelievable---the artistry behind the layers of work? Amazing! The design itself is beautiful, and the colors take my breath away. It's truly an artistic treasure. I can't thank you enough. I'm honored to own your work. Thank you for another precious heirloom. It will be well taken care of. God bless.... Sue


I received the magnificent gameboards from you yesterday afternoon.  They are, simply stated, stunning perfection.  They immediately went up on my gameboard wall where they shine.  But they are such stand alone works of art I am not sure they will stay there but be put in other rooms as works of art.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world!  I can tell the patience and love that went with the making of the two of them.  Thank you also for the kind note.  I treasure it as well and I don't think I have told you how much I love your prose and the vintage photos of you (I assume?) that accompany them.  You have every detail down, my friend.  And looking at that little girl, I can imagine you as a child and young woman, finding your niche in the art world and a place to call home in the mountains.

I was sorry to hear about the Russian fir problem.  I do hope that is resolved.  As a quilter, I know how much it has thrown me to not have a favorite material available anymore so I am sending positive thoughts your way.

 I can't thank you enough for the delightful gameboards.  We are having a lovely spring here and  that package just made the enitre month for me.

Happy May to you.





Oh my goodness!  Your masterpiece arrived and to say it is beautiful is a huge understatement. The on-line picture just doesn,t  do it justice.  We Love it !!!.  Thank you so much and it really is just in time for Valentines.  Right now Ellie is rearranging all of our game boards and making a special home for this one.  Thank you so much!

Fred and Ellie


Hi Diane,
I just received my gameboards and they are FABULOUS!!!   Love, Love, Love!!!
God gave you such a beautiful artistic gift!! 
I can't wait to exhibit all my gameboards over my red distressed bucket bench. 
I will send you a photo once it is done.  I can't tell you how excited I am about my
gameboards.  It has been such an enjoyable experience to have met you and to
say you are my friend even though it has been over the phone.
Once my sister gets a look at my gameboard display, I won't be surprised if I won't
be ordering gameboards for her.
Again thank you so much for sharing your god gifted talent with so many us!
Thank you, thank you,
Well, new game board arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it!!  Don't know yet where it will go but wherever it will be a wonderful addition to my home.  Thanks so much!
Will send you a picture when I hang it.
Have a wonderful & blessed Easter weekend.


Dear Diane,

 The mail just came on this bright, sunny day and I peeked out to see a large box on my porch.  It was just like Christmas! and I could hardly wait to get the box open.  Thank you for wrapping it so lovingly.  It came in pristine condition.  I have to say I don't just LOVE it but I ADORE  it!  So very very GORGEOUS.  I put it in place on my wall and oh my!  To me it is just a gorgeous piece of artwork so masterfully made....Looks great next to my Dad's primitive Parcheeshi board with colors that mesh but makes the reproductions I have (probably from China!) look a little sad.  So....I am definitelygoing to have to order more and soon!  The hard part will be chosing which board I want next.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am one BIG

fan of yours and what a fabulous artist you are!  Thanks for making my day, and you will be hearing from me again, soon.  Enjoy the spring.....when it comes.....




Hi Diane!  I was out all day yesterday with my daughter and came home to find a nice surprise on my porch .. my boards!  They are absolutely beautiful .. I love them all.

My husband got called out to work this morning but we when he gets back I'll get him to put them up for me (I have plaster walls so need his help) .. I will take a picture and send to you.

Thanks so much .. I'm already thinking of which board to choose next.



Sorry about the bad lighting but hopefully this gives you a feel for the board's new home.  It is beautiful. Thanks so much!  Don't be surprised when you hear from me again :-)



Hi Diane,

I got my game board this week and i love, love, love it!  Thank you so much!  I know we have never met but i feel I know you through your beautiful work!  Thank you again for your beautiful work.  Carmel (a long time admirer)


Hi Diane,
Wow, the board is outstanding!!!  I have a perfect place to hang it and then I promise I will send pictures of how I arrange your pieces- they are in several different rooms at my house.  Thank you so very much!!!
XOXO  Sallie


This morning I got to open a package from you and again fall in love with your art!  This piece means we now creep from the entryway into the dining room.  I will take photos and send them along soon.  Thank you again for your love of color - and of painting your interpretations of the quilts of Gees Bend.  I saw their exhibit in Boston years ago, have the book, and framed poster of the, love, love!   Anne




Our new art babies have arrived!  All are fabulous and survived shipping beautifully!  My daughter and I unwrapped them this eve and we are so happy with them.  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.  I'll send photos when I hang them.

Thank you, thank you!




Hi Diane,

I received the game board exactly when you said I would. It is beautiful!  It is hanging at the foot of the stairway in my lower level.  That space had been empty since we finished the lower level 10 years ago.  I could never quite settle on what I should hang there...until I saw your game boards.  I knew right away. Thank you for all your talent and creativity that went into this beautiful piece.  Hope you are having a great summer!  Jean


Diane, I received the castle board and I love it!!!  I would like a round board also!!!!  My daughter loved the castle also, she takes after me in liking and the appreciation of hand made articles that are getting hard to find these days.  Your heart speaks to the heart n soul. Thank You!



Just opened the box and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Thank you so much for doing this board for me, it's truly original and is so perfect!!! Thank you thank you!!!!
~ Andrea


Thanks again for helping me with the game board – she loved it!



Hi Diane -

I received my "Circus" game board, and once again you have delivered a beautiful piece of art! I love it! Thanks so much, and, as always, I look forward to new creations all the time.




I returned home today from Ohio and found the absolutely gorgeous board waiting for me!!! It is fabulous and they are the colors found in my home. I LOVE it!!!

Many thanks,


Hi Diane -
I just wanted you to know that I just received my Fed Ex package from you, and Gypsy is absolutely beautiful! You do wonderful work, and I appreciate it! Thanks!


Hi Diane,

It's lovely! I look forward to seeing the series develop. All the best ... Gloria



Hi Diane,
The gameboards arrived this a.m. and they are exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each piece is so unique - I wanted to send you an old-fashioned thank-you note, but am unable to find your address online. If you would be so kind to send it to me, I would appreciate it so very much. Thanks, again, and enjoy your "spring" - I know it has to be just around the corner!
With my thanks for all your special and personal touches on our pieces,



Received my game board yesterday and love, love, love it. I think it is one of my favorites. Thank you very much!!!


Hi Diane,
Just received pkg from Fed Ex. 

WOW!!! love the board and it is number 2.  Also I love your work and am willing to wait for the beautiful boards.

Guess I need to add another piece. Need your suggestions on what piece to add to my Diane Allison Board Collection. 



Hi Diane - I just unpacked my new Linda piece. I absolutely love it! I'm hanging it with your other pieces and then plan on showcasing during the holidays where I display my Christmas tree. Thank you so much, it is just so beautiful.

Susan P.


Beautiful Board - I got mine today and love it.

i love it so much diane...

the board is wonderful... have no idea where I'm going to hang it... like the idea of continuing the game board wall in our family room... we'll see... i'll post another picture once i get the last 2 up... :)


Hi Diane,
I love Ruby Slippers!!! Thank you so much! I wish I could have one of every game board you make!!!! They are beautiful! Thank you so much! Enjoy the summer! Carmel


Hi Diane
The game boards ( your art work has arrived)! Arrived Friday afternoon, let Eli know he did a great job taking them to FedEx! I will be sending you some pictures of where we have hung them later today. They really make the room feel cozy and warm with a splash of Appalachia mixed with New England !
Thanks again
Ellie and Fred


Diane, Red Rover just arrived (Friday 11:30 am) and I wanted to tell you that

you have "outdone yourself" !!! It's PERFECTIMUNDO (if that is still a word!)
Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!! The colors are beautiful
with the tribal rug. What would we do without beautiful colors!?!!

Thanks again and continued success!


Hi Diane, 
Recieved my checker board today and I am in love. I think that it is fabulous. Was looking at the wheel of fortune and it looks great. How much is it? 
Are there some still available?
Thanks, Sandy

Thanks too for the great packaging. I just love the smell of these new boards. Thanks again for the fabulous job, the hard part is where do i put it?


Hi Diane,
We received the game boards just in time to decorate our walls before we hosted a large get together! They are absolutely gorgeous--such high quality with beautiful detailing. You are very talented. They are perfect for our game area. I'm sure we will enjoy them for many years to come!



Dear Diane,

I just got home from work and there was my package....THIS ONE IS A BEAUTY. Thank you SO SO much. Love it love it love it.
Of course, now I rearranged things a bit and want another one...
Have a fabulous long weekend and thanks again.



Love, love, love them. I knew I would and thank you so much! Talk to you later.


Hi Diane, I just received my "Farm" board and I love it! Thanks so much....


As always I love it--but I like different--it is perfect for my style of country living



Love it!!!!! Thanks so much Diane!


Hi Diane,

I received my game board last Thursday. I now have another beautiful game board to add to my collection!



I got my gameboard today. I LOVE it! Only one problem, I want more!
Thanks so much. You'll be hearing from me.



I absolutely must have this piece Diane - I have all eight now! 
They all seem to have their own personalities, I will never be able to chose my favorite I'm sure.
Thank you so much for sharing your talents!



Diane...I got my game boards on Monday and hung them on Tuesday. I love love love them!!! Thank you so will hear from me again. I would love more.


Hi Diane,
Scott and I just opened up the packages containing your BEAUTIFUL works of art. They are absolutely gorgeous... We love them!!! Thank you so much for the work you put into creating each little masterpiece. :) We can't wait to hang them and enjoy them for years to come...



I received your black Chinese checkers gameboard last week or the week before, time has gotten away from me – I kept meaning to send you an e-mail to let you know how beautiful it is, but have been swamped at work (and I don’t have internet access at home) – I am so glad to have received your message below and to tell you how happy I was with my new gameboard – thank you so much Diane.


Hi Diane, Thank you so much and I certainly do love "cops & robbers". Now my only difficulty is deciding the perfect spot for displaying it. I'm sure I'll soon be requesting another piece to accompany it. Thanks again.



Dear Diane,

got the game board this Saturday and can't tell you how gorgeous it is. You packaged it so artfully. 
Can't tell you how gorgeous this one is. I think it's my favorite.



Thanks so much for the beautiful game boards. They are absolutely 
perfect and the coloring matches everything in the adjoining rooms. I 
couldn't be happier!!!!


I cannot thank you enough for getting the boards completed and shipping them to me. They were awesome! My sister and brother-in-law loved them! I am sure you have just gained a future customer. They love ASU (2 of their daughters have gone there), the mountains, and local artists. The family chose the perfect gift for them.

I hope you have a busy and productive summer...and some lazy days with family as well. If you do not mind visitors, I would love to visit you if I get up that way. 

Stay cool...
Best regards,



I think this piece is just beautiful and will go so well with the rest of my collection. I always love those dramatic boards! Please put me down for one before they are gone.




I gave Anne her board yesterday and she loves it. Thank you.



Hi Diane,
The gameboard came today and it is truly beautiful. You make the colors so rich,deep,vibrant, just awesome work. Thank you so much again. 



Received my new game board yesterday and I just LOVE it. Thanks ! Looking forward to the new Xmas board later this year. 



oh ye of little faith!!! one look at my living room wall should have told you ALL of those things and MORE about yourself!! you are amazing, girl!!! AMMAAAZZZIIINNGGGG!!!



The pics on the website don’t do these game boards justice. They are absolutely splendid, and vibrant with warmth and color.

I have a huge space up above a high shelf, just underneath the rafters. When I finish teaching and have a little time, I am going to purchase several pieces to display together in that space. I had hoped to find a quilt for that space, but thus far I haven’t had any luck. As striking as a quilt might be, the boards might be more practical.

Thank you for sharing your talents with me. You and yours, have a blessed Easter.



Linda said... 

Just wanted to say, Arcola is SO much prettier in person. I am happy that I bought it, love it.



Dear Diane -

Got the game board and LOVE it. You do such gorgeous work. Please keep me HIGH on your list for that round one. It would finish off my work space.
In the meantime I'm giving you a huge THANK YOU!!!! ...and another thanx for the way you did the hook/wire for hanging per my special request.

Enjoy the rest of winter.



Good Morning Famous Neighbor
I just read about your secret! Congratulations! WOW! Going to need your autograph, again!!!!! Just WOW! Can hardly wait to read the article. You have done what I never had the nerve to do, but wanted too, HAVE MY OWN BUSINESS……………………………

Miss you all

Fair Weather Neighbor


Woot! Congratulations! I knew you'd be famous one day.



Thank you so much for taking part in this project.... It was a true pleasure getting to know you through our interviews. And I know your story will inspire countless women.

I hope you've received a copy of the book!



Oh I really love this piece. Please put me down for one before the are all gone! I love having your work in my entryway, everyone compliments me on them. I'm running out of space there so I have been putting them in my kitchen too.

Susan P.


Hi Diane,
Love the colors and design of arcola, please put me down for one. Thanks, 


Diane - I must have one for my collection! I think it will look perfect with my Gypsy. Keep up the good work! Let me know when the next new piece comes out.


Just wanted you to know that I received the two pieces today and I am 
thrilled ! You are so talented. I love them! That is my Christmas 
gift to myself. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Susan M.


 Hi Diane--

I received my gameboards today--I could not wait to get the box open! I love them! I am putting them in a little vacation home about 4 hrs. from my real home, so I don't anticipate getting down there until after the holidays. I am having foot surgery Jan. 5 and will be out of commission for about 6 months, so I hope to get there between Christmas and that date. I am anxious to get them placed, but I am confident they are going to be perfect. Thank you again for them--you have an amazing talent. Have a wonderful holiday.



Got them. Love them! They are so beautiful. Can't wait to get them up. Take care.