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the inspiration of the piece "gloria", #1 in collection


The original inspiration for this design appears in the book, "The Gee's Bend Quilts", by Tinwood Books, page 163.


Gloria Hoppins, born 1955 created this quilt, "Housetop", circa 1975. Corduroy (Sears). 91" x 88".  Gloria Hoppins is Linda Pettway's daughter.


Excerpt from book: "A coincidence gave birth to a new genre in American art, the "Sears corduroy" quilt.  In 1972 Sears awarded Rehoboth's Freedom Quilting Bee a contract to manufacture corduroy pillow shams.  Late that year, the bee began receiving bolts of raw material, some of which quickly found its way outside and into local hands and houses.  Over thenext two decades the shams became the bee's lifeblood (the corduroy was not used for its quilts), while the unused orleftover fabric became locally abundant for personal uses as it was taken home, given away traded or sold for a pittance.  The surplus spread the corduroy quilt style from the neighborhood of the bee down to the river at Gee's Bend."


Not much is said about Gloria Hoppins being one of the younger ones I suppose.  Most of the mentions of her name are with regard to her mother and grandmother.


"One of Gee's Bend's foremost artistic lineages consists of serveral Carson sisters - Aolar Mosely, Louella Pettway and Virginia Pettway amonth them - and their extended families, including Virgini's daughter, Linday Pettway and Linda's daughters, Gloria Hoppins and Lucy Witherspoon, who both are still in gee's bend.


Gloria is also said to be part of the Ye Shall Know The Truth Baptist Church Choir.



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